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In the world of business, the challenges presented by the constant, day-to-day profit chase are imposing. However, if you are a California business owner or manager, your challenge has just been made even tougher due to a sharp rise in employee-related litigation. The average amount is $750,000 for these potentially devastating lawsuits, currently being brought against unsuspecting and definitely unprepared businesses statewide. Larry Levy, owner and founder of Employee Relations Management, specializes in helping insure against this type of litigation ever bringing your business to a blinding, screeching halt.

There are ways and means to make sure that every interpersonal relationship, developed in the workplace, stays on a strictly professional and legal basis. ERM can teach management the secrets to smooth and successful employee relations. Backed by one of the area's most competent labor attorneys, Larry Levy's expertise in Human Resource Consultation is well respected in the Bay Area. His 25 years in HR and 18 years in private practice have given him the experience that can help businesses troubleshoot problems before costly legal action is the only option.

Businesses look to ERM to help them prevent and, when necessary, deal with:

When any employee problem arises, ERM can step in with the right methodology to set you free to do business - and that's the bottom line - setting you free to do what you do best.