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After graduating from San Jose State with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Larry Levy began his career in the "people business" as a Marin County Adult Probation Officer. In that challenging capacity for nine years, he was able observe and interact in every imaginable face-to-face situation. This learning would prove to be an excellent reference point, as Larry's career led him into the Human Resource part of the corporate world.

He was initially hired by Bechtel Power Corporation to help them with their Employee Counseling. Always a quick study, Larry was able to use his unique experience to widen the parameters of the counseling he was able to offer. For the next five years he worked, both as a corporate consultant and privately, in the equally challenging field of Employee Training in subjects ranging from Time Management to Stress Reduction to Supervision Techniques.

By 1990, he decided the timing was right to create his own independent consultancy, specializing in assisting small and medium-sized businesses to glide effortlessly through the sometimes extremely murky waters of employer/employee relations. His timing proved to be excellent, in that the 90's was the era of the extremely unfortunate but popular sport of suing your employer. North Bay Area businessmen needed professional assistance in litigation prevention and an experienced voice of reason in the growing imbalance between owner/management and a new breed of employee, now fearless in bringing employers to task for the slightest infraction, both real and imagined.

Larry Levy currently lives in Novato. He has completed all the course work toward an MS in Counseling Psychology from Dominican College in San Rafael. Larry has a love for the Greater North Bay Area and that love is evident in his consistent involvement in businesses community service.