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The full list of services offered by ERM was created to help the employer avoid the extensive time and imposing costs involved in human resource-related litigation. Larry Levy's role is an outside, professional and impartial party allows you, the business owner, to be able to avoid any lawsuit's claims of bias or prejudice.


To efficiently trouble-shoot any business's HR problems, Larry Levy asks the hard questions that will shine a bright light on the cause of current or future liabilities. Fact-finding meetings and discussions with ownership, management, and employees will determine the best course of action to be made. California employment laws and guidelines are strictly adhered to. Any problematic personnel situations can be brought to a satisfying and legal resolution. ERM can also recommend preventative measures to take and offer seminars to keep you and your company litigation free.


From time to time, every business finds itself dealing with unfortunate situations involving discrimination, harassment, theft, embezzlement, and violence.

Solution step one is always the detective work that will lead to the evidence necessary to make the right and prudent owner/management decision. ERM's investigations are conducted for the purpose of, not only determining the "how" but also, the "why" of how a situation transpired. Full knowledge of the "why" is mandatory. Armed with that knowledge ERM can recommend simple, cost-effective, and practical preventative methods in the fully documented report that will be submitted. In addition, ERM is there for you in the following capacities:

Training & Seminars

It has been proven that the surest way to avoid problems in any business context is to identify "problem areas" and train employees to see the train coming down the track long before the point of contact. Larry's depth of experience has allowed him to take on the role of mentor / instructor. Motivation is the key to teaching and Larry is able to pass on that motivation with an engaging style and an entertaining presence. His previous career in law enforcement and as a probation officer has given him the wide overview of human experience to be able to relate to people on their own level - an extremely important factor in his success and his client satisfaction rate.

Training your employees to feel comfortable in a myriad of professional situations will save money in the long run, while increasing overall productivity and performance. ERM offers an extremely complete menu of seminar topics. Larry is diligent in keeping his presentations fresh, easily accessible, and memorable.


Small and medium-sized businesses do not regularly have their own Human Resource department. And, owners and managers are constantly forced to do "double duty" and are regularly pulled away from their already packed work schedules to attend to the long involved screening and interviewing process. ERM can be called in to insure the process is executed in a professional, thorough, and timely manner. ERM can:

The procurement of qualified and dedicated employees is complex and tricky. By outsourcing this lengthy process to ERM, you will be able to concentrate your energies on moving your business toward your bottom-line goals. Larry Levy has the background to make sure the next person you hire is a professional and a perfect fit for your company.

Employee Handbooks and Policies

ERM specializes in the creation of custom employee handbooks. Researched and written with an eye for detail and user-friendly usage, they become invaluable to new and veteran employees alike. As many as 60 Bay Area businesses a year look to ERM to create these "bibles" of company policy and job description.

Experience has shown Larry that once a business owner witnesses the amazing functionality of a well-researched employee handbook, they develop the trust it takes to look to ERM for more hands-on interactive services. In addition, the handbooks act as a first line of defense in the avoidance of lawsuits by virtue of the power of the "written word." The handbook is officially presented to the employee at the beginning of the employer-employee relationship. A detailed job description can only serve to lessen the chances for miscommunication between "boss" and "worker." Nothing is assumed.

Once any employee signs off on the Arbitration Agreement, your right to remove that employee from your payroll becomes completely free from future litigation. Here is where ERM's knowledge of the law works in your behalf to eliminate every conceivable liability potential.

Legal Compliance Representation

ERM can protect employers from being slapped with stiff fines, and penalties. If you are asked to appear before any of the state or federal regulatory commissions, such as:

For a perceived wage and hour violation, Larry Levy is legally able to represent your interests, saving you the cost of super-expensive attorney fees. As an expert in this field, he can also insure that you are not being taken advantage of by an employee or by government oversight.