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Testimonial Excerpts

Don Wichman - Senior VP Administration, Residential Mortgage Capital

"Larry has steered us clear of potential lawsuits for over 10 years."

"We consult with Larry when we get into employee situations that require his expertise, it could be poor performance by an employee, sexual harassment issues, or disciplinary actions."

"Larry has provided us with our employee handbook; we customized it for our company with Larry's help. He assists in keeping our handbook updated. It is the 'bible.'"

Debbie & Karl Portscheller - Owners, Comet Construction

"I am no longer concerned about employee problems because I can pick up the phone. Larry gives us everything we need. I can sleep at night. With Larry's knowledge and experience we have been able to take the risk of hiring employees. I wouldn't have employees without him."

"We had a tough employee situation, but with Larry's guidance, we headed off the disaster that we've had before. He also helped us put together our employee handbook. It was very comprehensive. He really listened to our concerns and then thought beyond, things we hadn't even thought of. That comes from years of experience."

Chris Billawalla - General Manager, Clarion Hotel San Jose

"He has a genuine interest in making sure that small and medium size companies operate in a way that is financially and personally rewarding."

"Larry brought to the forefront the concerns of the State - the repercussions of not following through - there is great liability."

"Larry is extremely valuable for small companies so they don't have to rely on attorneys. It is very cost effective. He is always to the point."

Jaime Stewart - President, Landmark Builders

"Dealing with the employees and the laws and the emotional side of things is very complex and Larry has a great deal of expertise in these issues."

Robert Marshall - Director of Operations, Inn Marin, General Manager Rickey's

"The major benefit that Larry brings is his HR background and knowledge which is phenomenal. He is an outside individual with credibility; he is seen by all as someone who will be fair to both sides."

"Larry will tell the employer how the law reads and then tell employee what his rights are and then work together so it all comes together in a mutually beneficial relationship."

"Larry has done all kinds of services, such as rewritten our employee handbook, mediated staffing problems, conducted sexual harassment seminars, investigated a sexual harassment allegation, and mediated situations between employees."

Grant Garl - Owner, Fit 'n' Furry

"Larry brought us peace of mind because we know that we have 'i's' dotted and 't's' crossed with managing our most valuable resource - our labor."

"He's very people oriented and has a lot of integrity. He is very compassionate - he puts himself in our position."

"Employees have access to a lot of information on the Internet. Larry has taught us to document everything and to call for help at the beginning of a tricky situation."

Martha Davis, DVM - Owner, Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital

"Overall, Larry has helped decrease the stress of dealing with employees. I don't have a background in HR. He works on keeping me informed, getting me up to date on employee laws, so I know I'm not missing something."

"There can be a huge impact financially by not having the right people in place for the job. Larry worked with me for a year to get the right people for a good fit. He helped clarify and define my exact needs for a position. He did employee screening, and the initial contact."